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Jesus is Different.

You can go read Matthew 11 (link), or just read these outline points – and read the whole chapter later 🙂 .

  1. Jesus and John the Baptist
  2. Jesus Began to Speak to the Crowd
  3. Woe on Unrepentant Towns
  4. The Father Revealed in the Son
  5. Come to Me, All You Who are Weary and Burdened

The point to grasp is NOT that the Son is an arbitrary or unaccountable or irrational chooser!

Rather, the whole chapter features unexpected, but very reasonable, lines to delineate those who get honor and help from those who get dishonor and avoidance.

  • John is told the Kingdom is clearly here – don’t be surprised or offended at its nature.
  • Herod is dismissed as irrelevant, and much beneath the dignity and worth of John.
  • Cities who saw Jesus a lot are dismissed for obtuseness.
  • “Little children” (that is, Jesus’ followers) are honored.
  • The beaten down are freely invited.
  • Jesus Himself is humble
    and gentle;
    any person who comes to Him will be richly blessed.

EVERYone who labors and is weighed down is invited!

Those who come to learn of Him, to bear His yoke, find peace and blessing.

So the choosing – by the Son of who gets to know the Father – is not at all arbitrary or mysterious. Our problem with it – it’s just upside-down by our ‘normal’ ways of evaluating things.

Those are NOT chosen to know the Father who are not OPEN to knowing the Father – those who are not interested – have higher priorities.

But that doesn’t prevent Jesus from making a true and full FREE OFFER to all who see, or can come to see, themselves needing it.

Jesus is different. We need to get to know him better.