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“… cooperating with God to become a new kind of person

out of whom new and better things routinely and easily flow.“
– Mike Lueken in Renovation of the Church

Maybe you will … what? There are lots of “resolutions” we make, or could make. Hey, more power to us! We wish each other good luck with that.
I hope that if we make any “resolutions” we will include one that will actually help us improve our spiritual lives over the next 12 months. That is possible, you know.

A key place to start would be in our basic attitude toward Christ. He is the core and source of Christian spirituality. If our relationship with him improves over the next months we will be moving toward more “love, joy, peace, patience” etc. That’s good for us and everybody around!

Here is some information from our membership booklet:

“To ‘believe in’ someone – especially such an important, striking, and wise person as Jesus Christ – means much more than that you think he probably existed (or exists). It means you trust Him; you welcome His presence and guidance in your life. It means you start getting to know Him … So, this ‘personal faith in Christ,’ that members of First Baptist profess, means welcoming Him into our lives with His wisdom and guidance, and also forgiveness. It’s kind of a big deal!

In a very helpful little book called Who Is This Jesus? Michael Green says,

You simply talk to him. It may seem very strange talking when it feels as if there is no one there to answer. But there is someone there, although you cannot see him. . . . the historical Jesus who lived and died and rose again.

Then he suggests a helpful prayer:

Jesus, I am amazed that you should bother about me and love me and want me to be your friend and disciple. I know that there is a lot in my life that needs cleaning up. Please come and do it.
I still have lots of questions that bother me, but I lay them all before you in the tangle that they are.
I do believe that you went to the cross for me, to deal with my guilty past. And I do believe that you are alive again.

You invite people to come to you. And I’m coming. I’m coming now.

If that prayer – or something like it – truly represents your thinking, then I promise you He will not be offended if you “borrow” it, applying it to yourself. That’s why He came, to welcome people into that kind of honest, direct, friendly relationship with Him. It’s the reason you were born. It’s an excellent place to start in the renovation of your spiritual life!”

(FBC, Hastings, Newsletter Article January, 2016)