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What do you think? Is it possible for an ordinary human to develop a personal friendship with God? If such a thing can happen, what do we know about it?
From the guidance we get in the New Testament, friendship with God IS:
1. Necessary
We are made for cooperation with God, and without it will find ourselves unfulfilled, under-satisfied, weakened in our efforts to make a contribution.
2. Productive
When a human develops a pattern of ongoing friendly working together with God, good things come from that, very good things – that are needed, and that would not otherwise occur.
3. Divine
Such a friendship brings into our ordinary human situations a definite Divine (Godly) influence, so that sometimes we find a strong and pleasant influence being felt by people around us.
4. Personal
This friendship is personal in two ways. First, it involves persons, for we are persons and God is a person, so it is a personal relationship. Second, it involves us as individuals, we “personally” get to experience the presence of God in our lives.
5. Cooperative
To cooperate means to work together. The Bible says “we are workers together with God.” We pay attention to what God is doing, and how God does things, and God, in response and respect, “stoops down” to work with us in what we are doing. Life becomes a mutual project. Awesome!
6. Costly
You cannot be long-term close friends with a person while at the same time supporting those who hate that friend, or supporting activities that destroy what that friend loves. To be close to God we will find that we need to distance ourselves from some habits or attitudes that may have been pretty big parts of our lives up to that point.
7. Love-Based
Friendship is a form of love; friendship is a part of love; love is part of friendship. As love grows the friendship grows. As the friendship grows, love intensifies.
These things are true. We truly are called to be friends of God. It has to be an intentional thing with us; but when it is, it does happen, and it does grow. Then we discover what human life really can be – a great and joyful participation with God in The Big Plan – “God With Us.”