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Six from FBCH Attended Missional Church Training at Camp in October!

Brad and Angela, Mark (and Samuel and Lydia), Steven, Brandi, and Rebecca were at camp for a Friday evening and Saturday. Several of them rode the zip line, though that does not count as serious training (except maybe in fear-management). They came back psyched about God’s interest in Hastings and the roles He may have for First Baptist in that. Thanks to the state ABC for funding and coordinating this valuable effort!

Roof Repair Done!
We raised close to $5000 for the repairs to the northeast flat roof. Then Dave K did some figuring and talking and wow! Thanks to his dogged pursuit of the real problem and the best solution – including getting very expert free advice – we got the actual cost of the repair down to under $200. Hey, are you impressed! Thank you to Dave and all donors to this effort!
The work of Dave K, Mike C and Brad G was much appreciated one Sunday afternoon as they “got ‘er done” in very few hours. Two days later we had a record rainfall during the night and – no sign of leaks!

Van Sold!
The Trustees wanted to sell the van since we don’t use it. Jeff S advertised it and coordinated the sale to Calvary Assembly of God in Council Bluffs, IA. Pastor Rodrigues and helper John got it running and on the road in a few hours, and seemed quite pleased with their purchase. They used it the next day to carry volunteers to their church for a fundraiser pasta supper. Pastor Rodrigues was sure the Lord would provide a good van at a price their small church could afford. He said he would try not to say “I told you so” to his church.

Just some thought-starters …
The metal exterior gutters need cleaning and painting.
There is significant wall and ceiling repair needed because of the damage the leaking roof did in the northeast stairwell and the old “Sunday School Office.”
And of course there is always interest in seeing new carpet in the lounge and Sanctuary, etc.
We’ve recently replaced two expensive valves in restrooms, and got a leak and some faucets repaired. There is more to be done with restroom sink faucets and toilet flush mechanisms.