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That’s us!
The Bible says “we have this treasure in earthen vessels.”
A ‘vessel’ is a container; ‘earthen’ means pottery.
So we are jars of clay, fragile pottery, clay pots.
That means, among other things, that we are ordinary;
Also that we tend to get old and start to fall apart.

However! We can be filled
with the most awesome treasure!
That is, the living Christ, here and now.

Dallas Willard speaks of our churches, as well as our own bodies,
as clay pots.

“You cannot avoid having a vessel.
You have a Baptist vessel,
and you have a Benedictine vessel,
and a Quaker vessel,
and so forth.

The problem comes
when we mistake the vessel for the treasure,
for the treasure is the life and power of Jesus Christ.”

Let us never forget that the treasure is the life of Christ within us.
And let us never stop taking care of that relationship –
us and Christ, our church and Christ.
Otherwise we will start to become ordinary old clay pots.

As was said hundreds of years ago (by Jean-Pierre de Caussade):

“There remains one single duty.
It is to keep one’s gaze fixed on the Master one has chosen
and to be constantly listening
so as to understand and hear and immediately obey
His will.”

Clay pots, yes.
But the vessels of our lives are made to hold
not just more of this world’s
ordinary everyday smelly old garbage.

[This is from the church newsletter, May 2013.]